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Trifecta of Light

Laughing Jack, The Sun Child, Evan McDermod

Be the light, let the rays embrace your body like a loved one's hug, like a brotherhood where 3 become 1, where childhood wasn’t such a distant memory. Be the love that felt lost, as you did in those dark moments of 2am when the phones have turned to silent and responses seem to be absent. Find the crown to place upon your head as the reality is…you are royalty, the kingdom is yours, darling. Own the day because, while time is non-existent and a mere concept, these moments are golden, as you are. All that glitters is gold, is stardust, is infinite. What’s no longer is an illusion. We are the light, we are the love, we are the constant. The darkness isn’t the absence of light, the 2 am feeling just gives room for the Sun to come through the windows and doors. It’s that moment to open the windows and doors and breathe it in and proclaim your existence of the light, of the love.